About Roop Clinic

Dr. Ankit Potdar

(Bariatric Laproscopic Surgeon and Cosmetic Surgeon)

Dr. Sonam Jaiswal

(BDS, Tricologist, Cosmetologist)

Dr. Suraj Ahuja

(OMFS Surgeon)

Dr. Nasreen Khan


Dr. Arpit Potdar

(MBBS, Consultant)

Dr. Avdhut Gandhi


“You have to look awesome in order to feel great. We all know how important it is to look attractive, which makes you look lot more confident than ever and also gives you head-start in life. People with great look and confidence have higher self-esteem, they set themselves for higher goals and are generally more successful.”

Our vision is to offer a highly personalized and medically sound experience to our clients each time. At Roop Cosmetic Skin Clinic we are offering internationally renowned skin and beauty treatments. Providing an elegant and charming ambience to our beautiful clients, Roop Cosmetic Clinic became an instant success right from day one we started enjoying loyal clientele of Bollywood Celebrities and also Star from TV Industries, We have healthy relationship with our international clients. In order to assist our patients in providing best Skin Care Solutions, Roop Cosmetic Skin Clinic has planned and located each and every clinic. We are taking a step further in this, where we are intend to increase our presence by opening outlets through franchising and our approach is to establish and deliver quality healthcare services to all, across the world.

We are physician-directed personal enhancement center for Unisex. We offer unique combination of traditional skin care services and medical aesthetic treatments, by using modern and cutting edge technology we advances your skin which will help you look and feel very best. Your skin presents yourself to your world. The way you look is important in influencing how you feel and how you project yourself to others. We understand that every individual skin is different from others and we are here to provide customized services to your skin care needs. We help you establish right regimen to maintain awesome skin. At Roop Clinic, our team of highly qualified professionals can help you improve the appearance and health of your skin.

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